What's a designer portfolio without a logo farm, amirite?!?

Logo design is fascinating to me because it's amazing how you can tell a compelling story in about a square inch of space. And it brings together almost everything in the designer's toolkit - illustration, typography, poetry and metaphor, color (and not)... it's pretty great stuff when it works.

The FWA, a web awards site. 2003. www.thefwa.com

Cinecue, a stock music company. 2012. cinecue.com

Dual, a two-partner web dev shop. 2005.

Sidecar Designs, a baby sling company. 2004.

Praha, a Seattle monorail task force. 2005.

Ratio Interactive, a web design and development firm. 2007.

Dead Man's Pipes, an online tobacco pipe refurbisher. 2005.

Sliced, a web hosting company. 2008.

Lakeside Product Development. 2003.

Motor, a Flash-based content management system. 2002.

Berean Bible Church. 2017.

Lost Coast Records. 2003.

The Black Flight, a personal project. 2009.

DC3 Entertainment, a music and coffee company. 2002.

Cobras, a youth soccer team. 2007.