Print was where I started, and while I've been focusing on digital over the last several years, it's a skillset I'm glad to have. It's still great to geek out on paper stock and the logistics of working with limited colors, and thinking about crafting a beautiful and tactile experience.

Storyville packaging and business cards. 2007. Art director, designer, illustrator.

Storyville is a coffee company obsessed with freshness and quality, to the degree that they recommend that their coffee be drunk within 16 days of roasting. I developed this packaging to do justice to that obsession while still being cost-effective.

Lost Coast Live Posters. 2005-06. Art director, designer.

Lost Coast Live was an experimental high-end concert series held in beautiful Ferndale, California. The catch was that tickets were sold without announcing the performers, relying on the brand's reputation and excitement of discovery to sell tickets. Each performance sold out well in advance of the concert date; proceeds from the concerts were donated to local charities.

Anthony Skinner | Deeper Down.
2007. Art director, designer.

Deeper Down was Anthony Skinner's first mainstream release as a premier artist for Sonic Temple Records. For Sonic Temple's releases we designed the packaging as a hybrid coffee-table-book-meets-dual-disc setup (conceived by Nathan Manny) which allows for very high-end publication including a 28-page interior booklet. This project was intense, and included flying to Nashville to art direct a photo shoot with photographer Jeremy Cowart, then conceiving and designing 28, 8" x 8" pages of story arc for the album.

Brian Judah | The Garden of Edith. 2005. Art Director, Designer, Illustrator.

Brian Judah is an LA based singer/songwriter who spent several years honing his storytelling by exploring his late mom's battle with breast cancer. This was an early design.